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High quality, reasonable price and universal design define the rifles as the ideal firearm for sporting or plinking use. The trigger group can be adjusted for position, travel and length of pull. The Stock is adjustable and there is provision to mount a scope or red-dot sight.

Fixed barrel, heavy duty side-cocking lever and the pellet feed by slide feeder ensure excellent groups. The Cocking lock-up mechanism delivers safe handling and prevents a shot being fired if the cocker is not fully latched.

The MP-446 "VIKING" pistol was developed with the requirements of the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) in mind. In 2003 MP-446C "VIKING" was included in the official list of approved IPSC firearms.

Typical of all modern Russian sporting guns, the MP-446C "VIKING" provides high reliability and improve accuracy in comparison with the military's basic model. opportunity to adjust trigger travel after a shot;

It is a magazine feed (10-round), Recoil operated. Propped-breech locking system. It employs a SA and DA exposed hammer firing mechanism. On order available with an adjustable sight.

MP-221 "ARTEMIDA" features: Elegant appearance and low weight receiver, adopted from the small-bore IZH-43 options. Perfect safety in operation owing to automatic safety that locks sears and triggers. Consistant scattering and mean impact point. If a cartridge load has been changed the mean impact point of each barrel can be zeroed to a common center via ribless joint of barrel unit, loose fit of right barrel in the sleeve and a jack-type horizontal adjuster.
The most popular classic gun of Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod has an excellant reputation amoung professional and amateur hunters. Over 30 years of continuos production, more than 1,5 million guns have been manufactured, design qualities have been refined to a supreme reliability level. Owing to excellent balance, stable accuracy, simple and dependable design, technical features and performance the MP-27* is comparable to more expensive guns.

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